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Two important conditions for successful "live" book writing

1. Active readers.

Things are not going well with them on the web. Even a "thank you for the produ" not everyone dares. Therefore, the first book - in anticipation of readers - it is better to put in the general file, so as not to upset only their posts in the comments. And sometimes the first novel will appear only two or three not very active people. Be patient and write my essay in 3 hours wait. And write for them. For starters.

As a rule, it's not that you're boring to write - it's that people are shy about expressing their opinions. Sometimes you have to get them to talk (and answer "thank you" not just "please", but something about the weather or work). And, of course, it is important to respect them: to find time to talk, to warn them if tomorrow there is no "extension" and for today the last one is posted, so that people do not lose time in waiting.

Separately, I will write papers for money say about the so-called trolls - lovers of saying that you have "all crap, patamushta atsotoy" - their comments, delete and do not get upset. People are not all right with their personal lives or psyche, they feel bad and want to do something nasty. It happens. And quickly treated with a ban.

2. The next book

The first one you attracted, say, two readers. As soon as the epilogue is posted, immediately talk about the second draft - and either post what is, the very next day, or clearly indicate a deadline for the second story (preferably no more than a month). Otherwise, people - even those two - will scatter, and you'll have to start over again. And we need them to move into the comments of the next story, start flubbing there and attract other readers.

Of course, finance homework help the work of live broadcasting - it's difficult and not everyone is suitable, but today it is one of the best tools for public relations books on a literary site. And it really does help to both gather readers and get them talking. Yes, yes, if your question, "Who's on the doo-doo?" people are silent, you can cheerfully say, "Yeah, since there's no interest, there won't be proda either yet." Sneaky blackmail, no one likes it, but it works.

And talkative readers - this is an important condition to interest the book publisher.

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