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Selection and Analysis of Literary Sources

Another important step in writing a dissertation in psychology is compiling a list of references. To pick up relevant literature, you should choose only one that is no more than five years old. And ideally only two or three years. The fact is that information becomes outdated too quickly, so you should keep a close eye on the relevance of the paytowritepaper used. These can be books, reference books, textbooks, articles on psychology and related disciplines, monographs, etc.

You can take both network sources and those that are located on paper. In the first case, there may be a problem with the systematization of information. Also, online sources do not always fully and correctly indicate the titles of works and their authors. In the second, if you use the help of the staff of the scientific library, you can find the information you need many times faster.

When reading literary sources, information about them should be immediately processed in a special notebook. It will then be easier to group these entries to create a literature review that is included in the first chapter of the main body.

Also, when reading books and articles, you can immediately make additional notes in the plan, which will serve as a good reference summary. When the applicant has finished working with the plan and sources, he will be able to get a well-structured design. The only thing left for the dissertation student to do is to paint it in text. In addition, it should be borne in mind that at least 250 bibliographic sources should be used in the dissertation.

Writing an abstract

In addition, it is worth preparing an abstract of a dissertation research. It usually summarizes the main information about the work in a compressed form. You can safely copy half of the content from the dissertation itself into it, reducing some parts so as not to overload the text with unnecessary details.

In conclusion of this article, states that writing a dissertation in psychology contains quite a lot of different aspects that should be followed. By following the basic rules for writing a dissertation, the applicant will certainly be able to create a competent, high-quality work, for which he will not be ashamed.

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